World Map Quiz

I will introduce various world map quiz that is based on the world map.
those are written by japanese language.

"Overseas business trip! Director dog! "

Quiz game shed a country from the map of the world "business trip! Director dog! Is ".
I will continue to fit the world map the country of Asia and Europe.
Question is divided into regions each, Oceania in more simple, the degree of difficulty is high Europe.
It is a game to be able to enjoy when the time is a little empty.

World Map Quiz (Europe Edition)
Genre quiz problem of question 70000, 4 quiz, original test, ○ × Marubatsu quiz! Sites National Convention and quiz competition also attracted participation possible quiz "Quizoo".
World map quiz one of them is the (European Edition).
The difficulty has been a fairly high senior.

World Map Quiz
It is a world map quiz provided by "studying the work" e-learning ASP ? SaaS service.
Of word problems, has become (test) quiz for adults.

As extra edition, is a map of Japan quiz.

Start Point site to help you study | to memorize the map of Japan Click prefectures
Click the map from Japan 47 prefectures name that will appear on the exam at random, it is Japan map quiz problem that can be handy. It Would not it be great for memorization.