Fool the world map

This project to visualize cut with a sword said "borrowing power" to deploy, the map of the world fool of all the world is imagined - the "fool the world map".
It is somewhat difficult so when I hear a "project to visualize the map of the world," but, you can see as soon as you see what you have finished.

"On top of the blank map, I tried to write the information countries and know yourself" from, is not experience that "was very different from the world map of the real"?
It is a thing Why do not you summarize the opinion of many (stupid) people it, outrageous world that, had finished.

The borrowing power [CHAKURIKI] fool the world map, and has published such a world map.

Because there was a stupid Texans who think that "Japan is just a short drive from Texas," said Japan is now Rikutsuzuki and Texas.

It is a world map that consists of such view of the world. # 6
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